The Word Warrior Tagline Contest!!!!!!

Hello folks!

Since this is supposed to be a communal blog, we thought it would be great if you all did some participating in the site.

We need a tagline. 

Something with words . . . and feminism . . . and progressivism.  The two of us bloggers are fresh out of ideas, so we will put it to you:

What shall The Word Warrior tagline be?

Express your thoughts in comments or email us at with your suggestions.  Feel free to put your name on it or submit anonymously! We will be picking out a few of our favorites next week, and then, if we’re feeling particularly democratic, we might put the top choices to a vote. 

So be creative, be funny, be powerful, be poignant, be awesome!

We look forward to hearing from you!


2 Responses

  1. “Women belong in the house. And the senate too.”

    “History is herstory, too.”

    “Seriously, we could probably kick your ass.”

  2. Feminism. Progressivism. Activism. Word. *peace sign*

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