Has the math gap been closed?

From Science Daily:

After sifting through mountains of data – including SAT results and math scores from 7 million students who were tested in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act – a team of scientists says the answer is no. Whether they looked at average performance, the scores of the most gifted children or students’ ability to solve complex math problems, girls measured up to boys…

To carry out its query, the team acquired math scores from state exams now mandated annually under No Child Left Behind (NCLB), along with detailed statistics on test takers, including gender, grade level and ethnicity, in 10 states.

Using data from more than 7 million students, they then calculated the “effect size,” a statistic that reports the degree of difference between girls’ and boys’ average math scores in standardized units…

Though girls take just as many advanced high school math courses today as boys, and women earn 48 percent of all mathematics bachelor’s degrees, the stereotype persists that girls struggle with math, says Hyde. Not only do many parents and teachers believe this, but scholars also use it to explain the dearth of female mathematicians, engineers and physicists at the highest levels.

Still, whether or not science remains a “boy’s club”,  women are still underrepresented in the hard sciences.

None of the articles I’ve seen discussed spacial perception skills or women’s edge over male’s verbal and written comprehension.


One Response

  1. I am happy that the gender gab has closed a little bit more, hopefully it will be gone some day.

    Ya, it is ironic to me that females seem to be inherently better at thinking stuff, like talking and what not. While males are prone to having more motor controls, which was used to hit people with sticks.

    Its just amusing hearing people say males are better at this than females cause they are males when females have an inherient bonus to most verbal or thinking related fields.

    We (males) just seem to be better at hitting things with sticks…

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