We’re all going to die before they get to turn on the Large Hadron Collider

Our good ol’ fission bombs will have done us in long before CERN starts smashin’ atoms next year.

A fire at a nuclear missle launch silo caused $1.4million in damage in May, but wasn’t discovered until five days afterwards. Seriously:

A fire at a US nuclear missile launch site burned itself out and was undetected for five days, US military sources say.

However the May 23 fire, which lasted an hour or two, never threatened to accidentally launch a  Minuteman III missile or release radiation, Associated Press reports.

The fire was only discovered on May 28 when a repair crew went to the the launch site about 160km northeast of Denver, in the southwest of the US, because a trouble signal indicated a wiring problem.

Now, think of the caliber of people who don’t notice their nuclear missle silo is exploding for five days. You would think if it’s your job to, like, keep the Rockies from blowing up, you’d think someone around the office would notice when something’s on fire. You’d think.

Really puts the election in perspective. Until you realize these people will probably still be working there after the election, and there’s a chance Sarah Palin might have to codes that put the fate of the world in the better judgment of whoever Turns the Keys and Pushes The Button around there.


Somali rape victim stoned to death before “crowd of thousands”

Via NYT, though I’ve reporduced the entirety of the report:

A woman was stoned to death for adultery on Monday in an Islamist-controlled region of Somalia. Somali human rights officials said the woman, 23, had been raped, but the Islamist authorities determined that she was guilty of adultery. She was buried up to her neck and stoned after a crowd of thousands gathered at a soccer field in the town of Kismayu, which is controlled by the Shabab, a radical Islamist group.

“Rape is not something we’d be allowed to discuss within our community”

The BBC reports on a woman who said her imam tried to talk her out of reporting sexual abuse by her father.

Do they even know what “wench” means?


I’m not in any position to judge 9-year-olds’ clothing, but is there anything objectionable in the dress in of itself?

Oh, and the “they” in the headline refers to the marketers of the above product. It would perhaps be disheartening if a 9-year old knew the definition of “wench.”

Also, a commentor did more poking around Hallowween Express than I did, and found even worse costumes: A French maid and “Honey Bunny,” an assemblage so bizzare it can only make sense with reference to the Playboy bunny motif.

Obama’s 8 p.m. Eastern-Standard Time infomercial tonight: As if anyone has time

I know I don’t.

But does anyone else think it’s a little much dropping $3 million on a prime time slot to rehash talking points? Unless he’s got some October suprise in store. Oo! Do we finally get to see those drapes he’s been measuring for the Oval Office? McCain’s been harping about those for months, so they must be awesome!

California Rep. race gets fugly

Wait until the 30 second marker:

Also, to any California readers: Vote no on Prop. 8, please.

An inaguration: Impossible Question Tuesday

Is it better to be fired from a horrible job or to quit?