Because I am infinitely immature…

…and the right-wing is infinitely full of the dumb. Watch and laugh at conservatives (kinda how I get through life sometimes).


8 Responses

  1. I’ve been seeing this “teabagging” stuff all over the place. What the . . .. .???!!! I think that insanity is the only explanation for this tea party stuff.

  2. Gotta love the free entertainment, though.

  3. Indeed! But even better I don’t think anyone even remotely rational or even somewhat informed can take the GOP seriously even more! This could be very good news for the future of the country.

  4. I’m still confused as to how many people participating actually know what “teabagging” is a euphamism for. If a majority really does know, the joke is kind of ruined for me. If not, it’s sad/funny. Funny, because the GOP continues its unwitting devolution into a national comedy troupe (founded, of course, by AK Gov. Tina Fey). Sad, because it marks the death of a viable intellectual opponent to what we might call, for lack of a better term, “the left”. I realize a lot of progressive liberals–and, by extention, most readers of this blog–wouldn’t see this as a problem, but it’s disheartening to those like myself more inclined towards classical liberalism.

  5. Bento,

    I am not sure which is worse if they know what it means or don’t know. I suppose there should be a viable opponent for the left, various perspectives are needed in a Democracy. But I think the GOP lost that status with Reagan, and lost their souls with Newt.

    They must go a long way back to become solid opposition.

  6. Matt,
    I’ve never actually thought of the GOP as a serious intellectual force within my lifetime (and I was born in Regean’s last year in office. Both parties, I think, became irreducibly hackish after the hyperpartisanship fostered during Watergate. Nixon himself supported a fairly moderate array of policies. But after his indictment, both parties either rallied for or against him; part of this rallying was a push for ideological purity, leading the intra-party homoginization we suffer to this day.).
    (Also, conservatives undid their movement in aligning with the religious right. I think the alignment was partly sincere, but more concerned with assimilating the grassroots organizations and votes of evangelicals. Whereas the right had only been anti-intellectual in opposition to the left-liberal hegemonies of acadamia, allying with fundamentalists fostered ignorance of inconvenient realities and dogmatism in all areas of policy.)
    A viable non-Democrat option at the polls has only ever been a pipe dream, and one I never expect to see fulfilled.

  7. Sadly you are correct. Which is really too bad. Of course the Democrats too represent the “status quo” and big business, but they are far and away the lesser of evils. So there is not realy a genuine choice.

  8. errr….so im not the only one who took the name they are using the wrong way…lol

    It is a shame that such blatant hypocrisy is evident in the system that claims to lead our country.

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