Today’s boycotts


Recently, I realized while it is certainly true that Coca Cola’s overseas employment practices are horrible, the claim that the company comissioned the assasination of Columbian labor organizers is probably entirely incredible, and therefore there was no greater moral failing in drinking Diet Coke ® with Lime than wearing sweatshop-made clothing. It’s still bad, but not murder-bad.

Then I learned that Coca Cola is, however, an official and rather shameless sponsor of the Kentucky Creation Museum:

When you visit Noah’s Cafe you will notice that our deck is adorned with colorful bright red umbrellas courtesy of our Coke corporate partners.

The Creation Museum and Coke have been partners officially since April even though Coke has been on site for years.

Some fun facts to know are that Noah’s Café is 2nd in Coke sales for the area, next to the Cincinnati airport. Regular and Diet Coke are the most popular flavors here and guests prefer fountain drinks (60%) to bottled products (40%). Because of their popularity Coke will be installing a second machine to handle the high demand for fountain drinks. As you travel thru the museum experience you will end up in the Palm Plaza.

Here you can rest and enjoy a variety of Gold Peak ice teas as well as speciality drinks like Coke Blak and Godiva Belgian Blends while sitting among the palm trees. At the museum you can feed both mind and body while enjoying a fun day with family and friends.

Raise an ice cold Pespi–to Science!

II. I’ve come to learn that Cleveland is a fast-food wasteland. When I’m at Marquette, people allude to chains I’ve never been to, never even heard of, Tim Hortons being one of them. (Apparently they’re everyfuckingwhere around Columbus.)

Glad they’re not an option around here, though. They’ve teamed up with the National Association for Marriage, they of the crazy and muchparodiedgathering storm” ad. Via the Providence Daily Dose:

National Organization for Marriage [sic] is throwing “Rhode Island’s First Annual” Celebrate Marriage & Family Day this coming Sunday 16th… What may be news to some people, however, is who’s bankrolling this shindig….

Yes, Tim Hortons. The Dunkin Donuts of Canada. You know, Canada—where same-sex marriage has been legal nationwide since 2005 (and since 2003 in Tim’s home, Ontario). What in the world are they doing sponsoring something like this? Their site says that they support “local initiatives that make a difference”—such as little leagues, Halloween safety, and the like. And that they sponsor community initiatives with a focus on “helping children and supporting fundraising events for non-profit organizations and registered charities.”


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  1. Have you heard about the #Creozerg? A bunch of skeptics and what not went to the creation “museum” and wandered a bit. As expected they were more or less followed heavily the entire time

    • Heard about it. I didn’t realize it had a name. And I was pleasantly suprised* and relieved there weren’t any real incidents that were the student’s fault–kind of suprising, given the tone of Myer’s blog–he even asked them to wear t-shirts respecting a level of rhetoric he himself doesn’t adhere to online (though he didn’t use those words himself; I don’t want to go through Pharyngula’s archives, but he warned against something like “offensive or crude” slogans).

      *Not that I think other atheist college students are more prone to petty crime and disruption than our believing counterparts–I just think college students *in general* are more prone to petty crime and disruption than other age groups. Especially in large groups, in which there are always idiots, especially on hostile territory.

  2. UPDATE: Tim Hortons has pulled their sponsorship of the NOM event in Rhode Island, and issued a statement at their website about it.

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