First “Dollhouse” Season II footage released

Clip contains spoilers, if you didn’t see the season finale, “Omega.” If you didn’t, you can still catch it on Hulu (preferably at several IP addresses simultaneously), or purchase the box DVD set (several auxilary copies, for friends and family):

I’m damn curious to see how Dr. Saunder’s/Whiskey’s existential crisis plays out. The question as to what claim the artificial intelligence of Claire Saunders has is, for me, the most preoccupying issue of the last season. Claire has a conatus equally strong as a non-imprinted personality, and her suffering at the thought of extinction just as real. But she can only exist so long as whoever Whiskey was before she was wiped is kept shelved in a wedge indefinitely. Either one’s continued existence necessitates the effective murder of her opponent. It Lucretius’ doctrine that the creation and sustenance of life can only be achieved through death, framed with the greatest possible urgency.

Also, Amy Acker has pretty eyes.

Be sure to catch the season finale 25 September, during the 8 p.m. Friday Night Death Slot. Watch closely for all the Adventure Clues, which, when combined by the true of heart, will lead you to the Legendary Golden Seplachur of Portolà!

Okay, that’s not true. (Or is it?)  But if there is anything I can say to get you to watch this show, I will. Must sustain ratings. Must not let Firefly happen again.

But in all seriousness, the show’s ripe for feminist discussion–now more so than ever, if early reports are to be believed. Spoilery previews below the fold.

The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan relays an episode description for “Belle Chose” :

Michael Hogan guest stars as a client of the Dollhouse who comes to Adelle (Olivia Williams) for help with a psychotic family member. Topher (Fran Kranz) accidentally crosses Echo and Victor’s (Enver Gjokaj) imprints while there are on different assignments.

How gender-fuckingly intriguing!

Gjokaj should be fascinating to watch. If there’s any justice in the industry, he’ll go places. When he needed to be a loathesome Russian mobster-douche in the first two episodes, he made me think, “I’m really going to hate this guy, aren’t I?” As the show progressed, he was the only Doll who could really convinced me he was, in fact, a different person every week.


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