Maine bishop calls for second collection to fund anti-gay marriage campaign

Does it skirt tax-exemption qualifications to explicitly endorse specific political campaigns on behalf of an ecclesiastical body? Honest question.

Via Catholic Culture:

Bishop Richard Malone of Portland– whose diocese covers the entire State of Maine– has asked all parishes to take up a second collection to support Stand for Marriage Maine. The organization is the principal force behind a November ballot initiative in which voters will decide whether to overturn the state’s new same-sex marriage law, which was approved by the legislature and signed by Catholic Governor John Baldacci in May.

It just strikes me as heartless to have a second collection to campaign against gay marriage when there are children starving. Perhaps irrationally, I am brought to mind of another wasted charitable opportunity, the vainglorious British atheist bus campaign, which unexpectedly drew £153,500 for a thousand bus, including one individual donation of £20,000. There is a world of better things that could have gone to; often the quixotic argument for the social utility of religion is made by pointing out where humanist groups have no hospitals or shelters to their names, many churches do (ignoring the philanthropic endeavors of Carnegie and Bill Gates). It wouldn’t have been enough to even build a wing; but there is always a worthier cause in need of £20,000 than the urban godless facing vague sly glances.

My argument for the weirdness of the priorities of traditionalists,  which (so far) have utterly failing to draw the controversy I fully expected them to, are here.


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  1. Generally yes it does skirt the tax exemption notions of things. However as this is a religious organization those in power tend to ignore breaches of law that these organizations commit.

    Like endorsing politics while not having to pay taxes

    or other things that I won’t say…that involve children…..

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