Five posts away from the 1,000th

Yay, round numbers.

It might perhaps be vanity to wonder aloud (re: in published type) what those who gave me this platform think of what I’ve done with it. I wonder what they expected me to do with it; neither had ever seen a writing sample when they offered it to me. They probably figured I was quiet, so I had stored-up things to say; maybe also thought I had some back door to the Internet. Nerds are big into the Internet. I’m not. There are probably two dozen sites I ever go to. Two of those for Whedon-related purposes. (The two dozen figure does not include the various news outlets blogs link to.)

I wonder what I think of this enterprise. This much, at least: I try to tell the truth. Values are not facts. But I try also to elicit sympathy where I think it would be helpful.

A former co-chair of Empowerment, now graduated, told me she was glad I would be on e-board. At  that point, I had distinguished myself with loyal, punctual attendence and the fearlessness to think aloud at meetings about how any given proposal could go a way we didn’t want it to. (Is all my wisdom in timidity?) The compliment occurrred near the end of the Vagina Monologues afterparty. I am not sure how much of it was the alcohol.

I hope I haven’t disappointed.

I did not expect this to become a retrospective. Or introspective, as fate would have it.


2 Responses

  1. Bento, you’re awesome, in your own awesome way. WW has definitely changed over the years (months? i don’t think we’re nearly 2 years old yet…) but what would it be if it didn’t? I’m thankful for your thoughtful contributions and ability to keep this site up and going. While I’ve really taken myself out of contributing, I’m happy that you’ve decided to stay on. We need a space like this on campus and I’m glad that you can sustain it. 🙂 And though I disagree with you at times, do keep up the great work!

  2. Aw, thanks. I’m sure you were glad you found a place to put me where I couldn’t do any damage. I proved you wrong! 😉

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