“At the Intersection” this Thursday


A couple of my Empowerment peeps have been hyping this, so I thought I’d do a favor: MU’s diversity commission is hosting a series of dinner conversations, starting this Thursday. Via the event’s Facebook page:

The commission will be hos’ting a series of dinner and dialogue events this year focused on the intersection of two or more issues. We are hoping that the Marquette community can come together for difficult, but important dialogues in a relaxed setting–and of course, over food. Who doesn’t love free food and good conversation? 🙂

For September, the focus will be on “Race, Class, and the Environment.” There will be representatives from Walnut Way Conservation Corps, Urban Ecology Center, and Campaign Against Violence. The event will be very conversational, so bring questions!

-What are the challenges and benefits of working in an urban setting on environmental issues?

-What is the relationship between class and race and the rhetoric of the “green movement”? And what implications has this had for working with diverse populations?

-How are environmentally friendly practices different in an urban setting as opposed to a suburban setting? A rural setting?

-What can we all do to make our community a more environmentally friendly place?

It’s Thursday, Sept. 17th, 6:30p.m.-8p.m., AMU Rm. 407 (Office of International Education).


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