Burglaries in Campus Town East

A University Apts. email:

Early Saturday morning, a series of burglaries occurred within the Campus Town East apartments. The two subjects entered via the 16th street entrance by way of “tailgating.” Tailgating occurs when an individual follows closely behind another individual to enter a building without using an ID/key. The subjects then proceeded to check apartment doors, assessing whether or not they were secure. They were able to gain access and remove property from two apartments with unsecured doors.  

Thanks to the Department of Public Safety’s quick response in collaboration with the Milwaukee Police Department, the subjects have been arrested and the property is in the process of being recovered.

The University Apartments Office, within the Department of Residence Life, works closely with the Department of Public Safety in our oversight of safe and secure communities. Through the maintenance of 24-hour security desks, swipe/key access, surveillance cameras on every floor throughout Campus Town East and West, as well as cameras in all of the building lobbies, and routine community “walk-throughs,” we are able to provide an excellent level of safety and security. Though we go to great lengths to secure the communities within which you live, an incident like the one that occurred this past weekend, serves as a reminder of how important each individual in the community is to its overall safety and security.

Please note the following safety and security precautions you can take to prevent future problems:PREVENT TAILGATING.  When entering a building, please be cognizant of who may be entering behind you. Holding the door for someone is a kind gesture, but you may be permitting an individual to enter the community who has ill intentions. If someone “tailgates” when you are entering and you are concerned, please contact the Department of Public Safety.CLOSE AND LOCK YOUR DOORS.  With the strong sense of community in the University Apartments, residents have become increasingly comfortable leaving their doors unsecured for friends or neighbors who might visit. Unfortunately, this also provides quick and easy access to individuals looking for an opportunity to steal property. Whether you are running to do your laundry, studying in your bedroom upstairs, or are asleep for the night, we recommend you close and lock your door.DO NOT HOLD LARGE PARTIES.  Large parties often attract individuals with whom you are unfamiliar. Though they may be a “friend-of-a-friend,” if you do not know them personally, you are putting yourself and the community at risk. As a resident of the University Apartments, you are responsible for the actions of your guests; please do not put yourself in a position where you are responsible for the actions of a stranger. If you are having a party and feel as though things are out of your control, please contact the Department of Public Safety and they will work with you to resolve the problem.  

Be careful out there…in there…at home…shit.


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