Monday Evening Surrealism

Gave a presentation on Tom Stoppard and the Theater of the Absurd today. We volunteered to do brief talks on various topics we’d be encountering. Even though I listed Absurdism as my third preference, after Flaubert’s realism and the symbolic use of Rembrahnt in Zadie Smith. I was the only one to sign up for it at all. Suprising. College students usually find existentialism to be one of the edgier, sexier literary paradigms. But no one signed up. Again, quite by accident, I find myself attached to surrealism.

Spent most of the weekend agonizing over the presentation. You’d think it would help that my apartment, with its bare walls and sparse furniture kind of looks like the set of a Beckett play, but it didn’t. Never did get around to the accompanying Powerpoint, which would have distracted the audience from my mechanical recitation I delivered as quickly as possible to get the thing over with. But the end result apparently impressed my instructor.


Now to write another paper in three hours.


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