Meet your new blogger

A message from once and future WW administrator, Bento:

I’m not back. (Not yet. I’d like to experiment with retirement for at least one month before considering rejoining the blogosphere.) I’m here to introduce you to my lately appointed successor in custodianship of this hallowed place of conversation. I am pleased to introduce her, and thank her profusely for stepping up. You will know her as Logical Operator, though that is not her given name.

We have discussed the mind, German philosophy, sex positivity, and the Democratic Party. We have talked (or talk past each other) to no end on these perennial questions, and found little agreement. I am a materialist with tenuous eliminativist sympathies; she is a property dualist à la David Chalmers. She believes the Idealist project to be the greatest accomplishment of 19th century German thought, and I think it was Nietzsche’s oeuvre. I believe worldly suffering would be decreased if sex work among consenting adults were legalized; even if this is true, she believes such transactions to be inherently degrading, and this principle necessitates their prohibition. We both find the Democratic Party to be hopeless, but the alternative unacceptable.

A further illustration of character: She is perhaps the only person I met freshman year who I can still stand; more remarkably, after three years of acquaintance, she still talks to me.

But I peter. I must miss filling this space. (Give me a month.) So I’ll let her tell you the rest:

I’m a senior in the college of arts and sciences, majoring in literature a double minors in theology and my one true passion, philosophy (although I say cheese and bikes are also my “one” true passion as well). I am interested in the analytic tradition, specifically philosophy of mind, analytic epistemology, philosophy of math (specifically modal logic), philosophy of science (specifically physics) and neo-Kantian philosophy. I hope to become a scholar of philosophy that is adept in a broad range of schools of thought, and can apply them to my main area of interest, identity. As for theology, I come from a Jewish background, and am interested in mixing tradition and equality in my faith/theological understanding of Judaism (re: feminist interpretations of Jewish texts such as the Midrash and Talmud).

I would describe myself as both a moderate-centrist and liberal-libertarian. I prefer small government in societal issues such as marriage, abortion, and social welfare but also see the need for government intervention in financial issues such as trade agreements and tax issues. As for feminism, I would put myself in the old school equality-of-the-sexes feminist camp. I would contrast myself third wave feminists with such issues as sexual expression, and almost all of their positions on pornography and empowerment. (Female Chauvinist Pigs is quite possibly my most favorite book on sexual expression and I almost totally agree with Ariel Levy’s form of feminism.) I like Title IX a lot, I took full advantage of it in high school when I did boys wrestling for a year. (Never again).

Enough rambling. Instead, I’ll answer what I think to be definitive questions about someone:

Plato or Aristotle– I go back and forth on this one, right now it’s Aristotle.
Sampras or Agassi– Duh, Sampras.
The Beatles or The Stones– The Beatles
Chocolate or Vanilla– Vanilla
Outside or Inside– Outside, for sure.
Dog or Cat– Dog, they’re not so disdainful and don’t carry toxoplasmosis.
Summer or Winter– Fall, summer is too bright and winter is too drab.

Hobbes or Rousseau– If we speak in normative terms Rousseau. But if we speak of how it actually is, Hobbes. Wah, wah.

I’ll probably be posting sporadically.


4 Responses

  1. I know who this is without knowing who this is. Dynamite.


  2. Thank you both!

  3. Yay! Welcome! This is so exciting!

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