Meet Your Other New Blogger

A message from the once and future WW administrator, Bento:

I introduce to you now someone who many of you probably know better than I do. All readers of this space know her as The Storm, but Marquette’s feminists know her by another name. I have probably communicated with her more online than in person, which speaks either to the power of new media to connect otherwise alien persons, my poor social skills, or some combination thereof.

My freshman year, she was chair of the GSA, an organization I felt obliged to attend at least a couple of meetings to, as the urgency of its cause had asserted itself the preceding summer, which for me had been punctuated every few weeks by another high school friend’s stumbling out of the closet. I was never an active member, but I could tell she brought an animating energy to its proceedings, and governed it with a savviness for the machinations of Marquette.

Some weeks later, I found our paths crossing again by weird accident. The editor of the student publication I was stringing for at the time assigned me to write up the possibly illegal towing of a student’s car; I was struck with recognition when I saw the name of the car owner. I emailed, asking about the towing. She told me it hadn’t happened. Car trouble had struck her lately, but she had not been towed. A short bus had rear-ended her.

She is the sort of person those sorts of things happen to.

It would be two years again before I spoke with her face-to-face, between the GSA and Empowerment booths at O-Fest. I identified myself as the custodian of this blog. She complimented me, saying I was “not an idiot.” That was one of the highest honors I have received for my work here.

I let her speak for herself now.

First off, I’d like to thank Bento for his kind words and his continued dedication to the Word Warrior and its principles. To clarify though, the short bus ran a red light and t-boned me, not rear-ended 😉

As Bento mentioned above, many of you may recognize me as frequent commenter, the storm, but because I already had a WordPress account under another name, I will now be known as thejesster. I do appreciate that there is somewhat a level of anonymity here, and I will do my best to keep the Word Warrior reputation intact.

A little bit about me: Contrary to the background of Logical Operator, I know almost nothing about philosophy. I have virtually no psychology or sociology educational experience. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication, and am working on a Masters in Public Service with a specialization in Non-Profit. I currently work in the social services field, where I do direct service with an under-served minority population. My aim here is to focus mostly on the goings on in pop culture, specifically entertainment, and alert our readers to both positive and negative entertainment offerings as they relate to various systems of oppression: sexism, heterosexism, racism, cis-genderism, ableism, faithism, classism, etc. For these reasons, I believe my point of view will offer an interesting contrast to what our other contributors bring to the table – a little something for everyone, so to speak.

And just so you all understand a little better where I’m coming from, here’s a sampling of mailing lists I am currently on:

  • Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
  • Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
  • Young Democratic Socialists of America
  • Freedom from Religion Foundation
  • Bitch Magazine
  • NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Humane Society (what? I love my dog! sheesh…)

I am looking forward to adding to the Word Warrior canon, and I do very much appreciate constructive criticism from my readers. Thanks so much for welcoming me into the Word Warrior family, and on behalf of myself and Logical Operator, welcome to the next generation of the Word Warrior 🙂


– thejesster


5 Responses


  2. I am pleased and grateful to welcome you, co-blogger!

  3. Hey! Could to see another blogger.

  4. This all just brings tears to my eyes. (not really, I have no heart, soul, whatever) But I’m so glad this blog will continue. Yay for awesome people stepping up and showing off their awesomeness. And thanks to the past and future bloggers of this blog. You, we, are all awesome, too. 🙂

  5. Huzzah! Another awesome blogger! Yay jesster!

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