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After coming back from a freezing and tiring bike ride with a friend to a Metaphysics paper that awaits me, I am too lazy/tired/et cetera to actually post something. So here’s an old-ish article to satisfy your appetites:


There are women only cars offered in Japan, Mexico, Egypt, Taiwan, Brazil, Belarus, the Philipines, and Dubai.

Should America’s cities with rail systems also implement women only cars? Weigh in.


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  1. eh….

    it seems like a decent idea…even if it would probably be seen as a chivalrous idea. all “Protect the women!” and what not.

    while I am for protecting people from some of the more undesirable parts of society. I can only see something like this ending poorly in the US. Because of one element or another in our society.

    Someone will get pissed off and raise a shit storm over it.

    so ya I think it would be decent to try and see if it helps at all but at the same time part of my mind screams that we should all be treated the same.

  2. I don’t think it’s about chivalry at all. It’s about thwarting unwanted sexual advances. What I gather from what you’re saying is that you think women should just suffer through being groped, pinched, etc for the sake of equal treatment?

    The women weren’t being treated equal to begin with– How is doing the same thing and yet expecting different results going to keep things equal?

  3. No logic, I think that making a place that would be safe for women is a good thing to do. I have dismal views of the human species, particularly my fellow males who seem inept at controlling some of the base urges that is being an animal.

    You have a point. Things do have to change for results to occur.

    I was wandering too much in my last post i guess. Separate cars to would be a good thing. Keeping all of the bastards away from people they would mess with is a good thing.

  4. To me, this is a band-aid used as a supposed quick fix instead of targeting the root of the problem.

    We raise our sons to be “men” and to oogle women, yet we frown upon sexuality, so men are often in a position where they have all this pent up sexual energy and have no idea how to constructively release it if they aren’t in a relationship. Do they solicit a prostitute? Society frowns on that. Do they masturbate? Better not if you’re Catholic, God will kill a kitten. We as a society don’t respect expressions of sexuality that aren’t in the context of a relationship, so people get frustrated, they get awkward, and their sexual energy is released in sometimes unhealthy ways – they pinch a woman’s ass on the train or say something sexually inappropriate to their boss, or go and shoot an entire pilates class because they couldn’t get laid. Step one is to fix our view of sexuality and all it encompasses (self-love, paying for sex, etc.) Step two is to stop teaching our boys that they’re supposed to look at a woman’s boobs when they’re talking, stop making it ok for women to be viewed as objects.

    Personally, I wouldn’t want a separate car. I am not some frail thing that needs “protecting.” I think the separate cars thing supports the idea that women can’t take care of themselves and are in fact, unequal to men.

  5. You and your logical imagery, Bento. the jesster is foiled again! 🙂

    Though I’d rather see a security guard in each car than create a “separate but equal” transportation situation.

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