So let me get this straight…

Fox gives Seth MacFarlane, who doesn’t laugh at rapists, but actually laughs at idiots, three (one, two, three) shows. They do this even though  each program is a recycling of the same premise, viz. a crudely animated and bafoonish [suburban/Republican/black] everyman’s life is punctuated by indeterminate digressions a free-associating dugong could write.

Fox's cash sea-cow.

(above) A "Family Guy" screenwriter. These majestic creaturse have full WGA membership, and eat upwards of 100 pounds of vegetable matter a day.

But Joss Whedon is grateful when he has to get the same network’s promise to air all 13 episodes of his show they comissioned.

That’s the world we live in?

Okay. Just checking.

I need to schedule a cry.


4 Responses

  1. Summary:

    MacFarlane’s stuff appeals to all sorts of people.

    Whedon’s shows require thought to be enjoyed and it is on Fox.


  2. I’m still mourning the loss of Arrested Development.

    • Aren’t we all.
      What can be said? Fox just loves destroying art. I’m sure their programming director puts cyanide in a hummingbird feeder at home so he can watch something beautiful die on weekends, too.

      • Reminds me of Fight Club when Edward Norton smashes Jared Leto’s face in, and then when asked why he did such a thing replies, I felt like destroying something beautiful.

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