If you’re not watching Glee…

… you were obviously not a drama/choir/band/theatre/forensics/debate/art/outcast/queer/nerd/etc. in high school. Like myself. And most of the people I associate with.

Do I love Glee for its underdog story of kids like me? Yes. Do I love it for making things like show choir, band and theatre universally cool? Yes, though where were you in 2000 when I was standing on the wall at Homecoming, Glee? Do I love Glee for showcasing two of my favorite Broadway performers, Matthew Morrison (whom I met in 2003) and Lea Michele, and exposing their amazing talents to the masses? You bet. PS, those curls on Mr. Morrison are natural. Take THAT Justin Timberlake. Do I love Glee for giving the gay kid, the kid in a wheelchair, the kid with the speech impediment and the kid of size their time to shine? Abso-freakin’-lutely. But what I love Glee for the most is Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester.

Now, if you’ve seen Jane Lynch in anything else (Best In Show, Role Models, the L Word), you know that she’s brilliant. Her comic timing and her deadpan delivery are impossible to match, and she steals every scene she’s in. So why is Glee any different? It’s different, because Glee is a CONTENDER. With this show, with this forum for her talents, Jane Lynch has the opportunity to achieve major success not only with a hit show, but with the awards to prove it. And why is this all important? Because it’s no secret to anyone that Lynch is an out lesbian. Actors get rewarded at the Oscars and Emmys and Golden Globes all the time for playing gay, but it’s rare for out gay and lesbian actors to take home statuettes for their performances, queer or not. (Ellen DeGeneres is an exception here, mostly because she does not play a character and doesn’t have to contend with that whole “will they be believable as X and Y if we know they are A and B in real life” issue.) I think it’s time Jane Lynch gets what she’s deserved for so long – a little metal statue for her mantle.

WORD WARRIOR EMMY PREDICTION: You heard it here first – I, the Jesster, predict that Jane Lynch will upset Tina Fey for the Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy award in 2010. I’m gunning for your job, Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly. Better step up your game.



6 Responses

  1. I definitely was an artist/nerd/outsider/friendtogaytheaterpeople, but I’ve never seen an episode. But now I might have to:
    I have narrow interests and am predictable. I am fine with this.

  2. I can’t believe I forgot to mention that to you! Yeah, Joss basically gets his hand in all the good stuff, yet people fail to appreciate the stuff he’s got the wheel on all the time. My condolences for what is likely going to happen to your show…

  3. Thanks for the condolences. And it’s really not a matter of “likely” at this point. But I’ve accepted it; it’s run will end up being twice as long as “Firefly”, and Fox has said it will even air all the episodes, even though (I admit as all fans do) they’ve been wildly uneven. Nothing to complain about.

  4. nope. Tina Fey is the best and always will be. Not that I don’t lurve Glee.

  5. Jane Lynch may win a emmy but she won’t bet Tina Fey becasue they will be in different categories Lynch is in a supporting role..

  6. Honestly J, I have to disagree. As far as screen time is concerned, I really think the leads in Glee are Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch. I really think everyone else is supporting…

    Really it will come down to what category Lynch and the network want her to compete in. I wouldn’t be surprised if they placed her in the Supporting Actress in a Comedy category because she’s a shoe-in to win it, but I honestly think she’s capable of beating Tina Fey if given the opportunity. And I worship Tina Fey.

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