What counts as a rape joke?

In a segment entitled “Rape Nuts,” Jon Stewart and the Daily Show writers analyzed-mocked the 30 GOP Senators who voted against a measure that would allow employees of government contractors to sue their firms after sexual assualt by coworkers, proposed after a KBR employee tried to do just that after being gang-raped in Iraq, and had her case dismissed.

“Rape Nuts” clearly refers to the deplorable persons who made the closing of this loophole necessary. But is joking about the spectacular failures of persons to punish rape crossing a line?

3 Responses

  1. I don’t think so, because they were attempting to point out the absurdity of not supporting such a measure. In this case, rape wasn’t the punchline of the joke, but merely a detail of the story. The notion that people would actually “support” rape in a backdoor sense and the ridiculousness of it was the punchline/goal. So I think in this case the topic of rape can be used within a humorous vessel to make a valid point. The story made the opposing senators look like IDIOTS.

  2. Side note: I expected nothing less from the GOP than to not give a rats ass about any one that isn’t them.

    In this case insulting these morons as much as possible is the right thing to do. They voted against treating fellow people with dignity. So screw them, um burn.

  3. ….so just watched the video…..

    my bloods boiling….

    congrats GOP, i really hate you now

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