Sexual assaults spiked years visitation policy was liberalized

Caroline Campbell deserves high props for her story in today’s Tribune on a loosening of overnight policy between 1992 and 1994 and spike in reports of uwanted sexual conduct during those years, though the approach it takes is hardly scientific. The sample size is one. If there is data comparing the average number of reported acts of violence and the weakness or strength of in loco parentis policies across several hundred or more colleges, Campbell did not avail herself of the information. Correlation does not equal causation, and the spike could have been a fluke. In 1994, there were four reported incidents. Five years after the repeal of the liberal policy, there were four again, under normalized, harsher policies. Moreover, Public Safety did not disclose whether all incidents occurred in dorms.

However, she deserves credit for bringing to light a topic not discussed as much as it should, and also for relaying the reasoning behind keeping in tact a policy which is, perhaps wrongly, unpopular.


One Response

  1. That reads like something the school wanted to be put in the Tribune to silence those who complain.

    And interviewing someone from the college ministry about an issue like this. The answer is guessable, go ask a health professional instead

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