Wait, what year is it?

Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Whitney Isleib dressed as Lil’ Wayne for Halloween, complete with blackface. The real kicker? She wasn’t the only one at this particular party who thought blackface was okay.

Commentary unnecessary. This one speaks for itself.

Via CBS News.



5 Responses

  1. Uugh.
    Not to try to one-up you, but:


    (I’ve found that any blog, no matter how sophisticated it presents itself, eventually ends up linking to a cracked.com list. This was inevitible.)

    Also, in regards to Logical’s post: We totally need to start a “shuffle” feature wherein we post random things from our YouTube favorites list. But I’d need someone else to commit before we started; mine is just a mish-mash of philosophy conferences, novelty songs, British sketch-show clips, and psychadelic footage of octopuses changing colors.
    Oh, and pirated footage from zombie films.

  2. let’s keep them feminist related.

  3. Alright; I’m game. Here’s a link to a yogurt commercial spoof, for those of you who haven’t seen it:

    “Say more things I can generically relate to!”

    “It’s ‘I got a Masters degree, but then I got married!'”

  4. yo plus does look pretty fun. it’s like a rave, in a container of yogurt!

  5. I definitely just spent like the last hour watching every “Target: Women” I could find on YouTube. My paper can wait! 🙂

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