Vatican bishop: Gay tourists “a provocation and abuse of this place”


When asked about Vatican policy on gay tourist groups, Bishop Janusz Kaleta stated frankly that “such demonstrations are simply not ethical.” He goes on to describe how the mere presence of homosexuals constitutes a desecration of the holy site: “I consider if someone is homosexual, it is a provocation and an abuse of this place… It is offensive to our buildings and our religion.”

They better ban straight people, too, what with all the impure thoughts they’ll host seeing all the nude art and other tourists in skimpier, Italian-weather-appropriate clothing. Damn depraved heterosexuals, they just can’t help but shamelessly  adulterate in plain sight, for those lustful eyes of theirs. How gravely disordered.

Kaleta, I assume, has transcended both homo- and hetero-sexuality, in which case I commend him for a good first stone cast.

Dan Savage points out, as usual with more profanity than is probably necessary,

[G]ood thing there wasn’t a ban on gay people hanging out at the Vatican when that cocksucker was painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

We’d all be poorer for it.


2 Responses

  1. Bwah! This is ridiculous! Yet I have to laugh at the absurdity. When I was at the Vatican, there was a lesbian couple and they took a pic kissing in front of the Pope, which I thought was awesome. I creepily took a pic of them taking a pic, it was great. 🙂

  2. Good point about the “depraved straights.” When I was at the Vatican, pornagraphic materials freely proliferated outside the walls … damn straight people! Have they no respect for Mother Church!

    ah, the illogic of bigotry!!!

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