The Wrath comes Tuesday

Sarah Palin’s book is already a doubleplusbestseller, has been for three months and it hasn’t even been released yet.

In light of the auspiscious occassion of people actually getting a chance to read this very important tome for our times, Andrew Sullivan has rounded up thirty-two demonstrably false statements Palin has made on the public record.

Will she take the opportunity to do the hard thing and correct herself? Or will she plow through criticisms of intellectual laziness and disparage those intellecutal elites moaning and wringing over little things like “facts” and “reality” when Hardworking Realamericans are worried about Freedom and Energy Independence and America? You betch’a! Find out Tuesday!

Or Monday, when she’s on Oprah! The the two most loved-hated women in America will be in the same room together! It’ll be terrible!


2 Responses

  1. Any one else starting to take these accusations of being an intellectual “elitist” as a compliment?

    I mean if its be associated with people who think that education is a load of trash or be associated with people who actually appear to use their brains in an active manner.

    I’ll take the smart people, yes I said the smart people, take any implications to the others as you wish.

    How and why people would all back not being educated and think that answers to modern issues can be solved with a 2000 yr old book is beyond me.

    So ya I’ll side with the “elitists” besides with out those “elitists” all of the crazy people wouldn’t have their shiny communication devices or modern medicine.

  2. I would differ on your final point; the phrase “intellectual elite” is not meant to refer to engineers or doctors of medicine. Furthermore, I would argue that these things are owed more to capitalism than any intellectual curiosity, despite education being a necessary element to their existence.

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