Vaguely Feminism Related Thing in my Youtube Favorites, vol. II

A while back, half-jokingly, we at the WW thought about posting all our vaguely feminism-related YouTube video favorites. This is my first contribution to the exposition of randomness–although not, strictly speaking, a favorite.

I like lists. This may be because of the detail-oriented, obsessive manifestations of Asperger syndrome, which I may or may not have. So a list of people with Asperger syndrome is of course something of deep intrigue to me. One of the people on Wikipedia’s list is one Philipa “Pip” Brown, aka Ladyhawke, a New Zealand indie-rocker. I looked her up:

I’m only really interested in Ladyhawke for ASD and gender expression. I have no idea as to whether or not I like her music or not. I mean, it’s not unpleasant for me to listen to,* but I can take or leave pretty much anything. Moreover, I can never follow lyrics; they all sort of run together for me into so much noise, and I never notice if they’re good or bad (unless they’re really bad), or even coherent. It took me years to realize the lyric is “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot,” and not “paved paradise and put up a funk in love.” The latter formulation makes no sense, poetically, logically, or grammatically; but I thought it was the real one for years.

Thoughts from musically-inclined people? Music is not something I do recreationally. I only use it for noise when I’m in the car, and only then what’s on the radio. I can’t imagine just sitting for an extended period of a time just listening to stuff, and I get distracted whenever I try to do something else while listening. Some of Beethoven’s symphonies, however, are aesthetic experiences profound enough to cross into the realm of the religious.

But anyway: Aside from the esotericism of music. Ladyhawk is of interest to my blogging purposes for a Vaguely Feministic Thing: She unselfconsciously wears men’s clothing, a tendancy that has been remarked upon :

The New Zealand singer only every wear garments meant for men, including jeans slung so low on her waist they often reveal the boy’s underpants she favours.

She said: “I don’t wear women’s clothes because I’d feel like a fraud. It’s not just that the cut is all wrong on me, I feel much more of an individual in menswear.”

Among the items Ladyhawke loves to wear are hoodies, tight jeans and big boots.She explained to Britain’s Elle magazine: “I don’t lose any aspect of my femininity by wearing boys’ clothes. In fact, I think it subtly enhances it because the look is so understated.”

Any y’all have thoughts about “boy’s clothes” and “girl’s clothes”? I always count it as a mark to a female’s character if she tends towards some men’s clothing; I appreciate the utility of the stuff. Is this tendency of mine on some level sexist for rewarding women for “masculine” behaviors? Is it possible to disparage impractical and uncomfortable fashion without condemning those who wear it? (I find myself frustrated with people who wear high heels. “Why?” I cannot but ask myself.)


*Update: Procrastinating, I poked around YouTube for some of Hawke’s other songs, which are terribly evocotive of the eighties, a musical era I cannot abide nor forgive.


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