Nice Jewish Calendar

Apparently there is a “Nice Jewish Guys” calendar out there for all you Semites and Semite-lovers. Instead of depicting half-clothed, provocatively posing Jewish men, it features your everyday, fully clothed, posing normally, Jewish Joe Schmoe.

The creator, Adam Cohen said he found guys to pose for the calendar,

through Craigslist – just wrote “Are you Jewish?” and let people click on it. We tapped into friend networks, asked around, “who would be perfect for this?”

I was looking for guys who wouldn’t be invited to be in a calendar – like me. I wanted these guys to be every guy who never gets credit, people don’t say “you’re hot.” But put this guy in a calendar and show how hot he is. There were no players – we interviewed the guys.

A calendar like this is a breath of fresh air after the numerous objectifying and gender role perpetuating calendars such as “Studs and Spurs”, “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar”, “Girls in the IDF” (a calendar that features young women who are in the Israeli Defense Force), “Too Hot to Handle Fire Fighters”, and the like.

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