Happy T-Day

In my family we’re not big on Thanksgiving. We don’t invite all of our relatives from the far reaches of the country to our house where we spend the whole day cooking turkey(s), mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, cranberry sauce, pies, and all that Thanksgiving entails. We certainly do not go shopping on Black Friday. I like to think of my family as the ultimate misanthropes. We really don’t like people, and we certainly do not like the people we’re related to. Don’t get me wrong, my family loves each other, and we love our friends, and by necessity we love the family we don’t like, we’re just not people persons. In fact this year my Mum told our extended family who live in Madison (we’re I’m from) that we would be volunteering at our church (even though I identify as Jewish and no one in my family has actually gone to this church since my sister was confirmed) so we could not get together with them for Thanksgiving. This made my Dad and I incredibly happy. I did not want another Thanksgiving where I had to get up at 9 AM and go drive to Adam’s Friendship (it’s a Podunk town in Northern Wisconsin) to eat a crappy Turkey lunch at a weird restaurant and watch my uncle and cousin get sloshed on screw-drivers and chardonnay while I try to have a half decent conversation with my other cousin who doesn’t even know who Gandhi is, even though she’s getting her Ph.D from UW Madison (granted it’s in Business, but I would expect someone with a MA to know who Gandhi is). After several failed attempts at conversation and trying to teach my little cousin who is 4 how to say “categorical imperative” and “Aunt Ginny sucks” (Ginny is always trying to get him to say “Aunt Ginny is the best”) I would eventually join my Dad at his end of the table where he would be grumbling under his breath and making hilarious snide remarks about the people around us. After dinner we would drive home and my Mum would chide my Dad and me for not being more pleasant. Well this year none of that happened. I woke up at 12:30 PM took a shower and went on a hike with my parents came home, invited my roommate, who is having Thanksgiving with her Aunt in Madison, over for dessert, and then finished a metaphysics paper in the kitchen as my parents started cooking our small turkey, mashed potatoes, et all. This might be the best Thanksgiving ever. I hope all of yours are/were as enjoyable and relaxing.


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  1. My family (husband/mum/dad) believe I’m an oddity for not being a people person and I’m glad to find somebody who’s the same and happy at the same time. You don’t have to be a people person to be happy. Of course I love being with my core family but not the the relatives and all.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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