In memorium

This I found on the blog of, of all blogs the esteemed century-old journal of liberal opinion, The New Republic. It’s a story about the death of Solange Magnano, 38, and mother of two. Her death is deemed newsworthy because she is a former Ms. Argentina, and because she died as a result of glutal plastic surgery, the story is being milked for laughs–for example, when the reporter choses the word “dernier”.  Jon Chait, a commentator I always respected even when I could not agree with him, reposted the story under the jokey headline, “Dolce Et Decorum Est Pro Ass Mori,” a play on a verse of the Latin poet Horace, ” Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori,” or,  in English, “It is glorious and honourable to die for one’s country.” Even the ABC news outlet proclaims, in bold 42-sized font, “Former Miss Argentina Dies ‘For Firmer Ass.'”

Magnano is beyond dignity and indignity now. But her family at least could be considered.


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