This week is Body Image Week

Via an email with a layout far more jumbled than one would expect from the Communications Listserve:

Marquette University’s Converged Student Media presents: BODY IMAGE WEEK with content distributed throughout campus and online Monday-Friday of this week.
Check out for all the details.

      Monday 11/30:

  • MUTV Marquette On The Line: 7-730pm, and The Variety Show/Get Baked with Morgan White: 8:30-9pm
      Tuesday 12/1:
Tribune Closer Look: Marquette Athlete Body Image
Wednesday 12/2:

  • MU Student Media LAUNCH PARTY
  • 5-7pm in the AMU, 1st floor
  • Viewing of Marquette On The Line/The Variety Show
  • “What Is Convergence?”
  • WMUR Live
  • Activities and Food

    Thursday 12/3:
  • Journal – Eating Disorders, Beauty, Plastic Surgery
  • Tribune – Closer Look, Student Health Services; Marquee: Hot Yoga
    Friday 12/4:
  • Everything from Body Image Week on
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