“Dollhouse” returns tomorrow

The zombie show (irrevocably canceled but still walking) will return tomorrow on Fox at 9p.m. Clips from the two episodes to be aired are available here. My spoilery speculations on the same are below the fold.

Clip One:

So…how did Rossum have enough foresight into Sen. Perrin to A.) foresee that he would launch an investigation against them, and B.) design him a perfect doll significant other? Or are we being mislead into believing Cindy is a doll for some dramatic third-act reveal?

Clip Two:

Talking about Echo/Caroline’s “emptiness,” I’m given to understand Bennett (Summer Glau) hasn’t reprogrammed Echo with Caroline, the persona with whom Bennett’s feud is with. Besides being unspeakably cruel, this seems sort of pointless, from a revenge standpoint.

Clip Three:

i.) Is Perrin a Manchurian candidate now? Probably. I look forward to watching it manifest in horrifying ways.

ii.) Did Bennett upload herself into Echo? It looks like it; it looks like Echo has Bennett’s memories of whatever accident she was in, not those of the bystander Caroline. She also seems surprised by the functionality of her left arm.

iii.) Or maybe in letting Perrin and Echo/Caroline escape,  is Bennett setting them up for a trap? Herding them into the line-of-fire of overzealous Dollhouse security? Or is she collaborating with Alpha–a confirmed character for at least one of the two episodes?

iv.) What the hell, Bennett? Does she feel guilty about the torture and leading Echo and Perrin into a trap? Or is there a weirder reading to “Goodbye, Caroline?” Maybe. It’s possible Bennett herself is a composite event, and she uploaded Caroline into herself so she could murder her…by committing suicide. It doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense; but not many reasons for putting one’s head through a television do.  

Creepy shit, all around.

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