A Homeless American Girl Doll, seriously?

You heard that right, American Girl Doll has put out a new doll, Gwen. Gwen is homeless. Before you think, “oh good this will raise awareness of homelessness and act as a fundraiser for some homeless  advocate group” it’s not. No portion of the 95.00 dollar price tag Gwen carries will be going to any charity. Oh but wait, this doll can teach a valuable lesson to all those upper-middle class girls who get the doll. As American Girl claims,

[T]he dolls “offer valuable lessons about life,” and it is “disheartened that there has been any confusion over our fictional characters.” The company adds that, while no proceeds from sales of Gwen and related offerings go directly to help the homeless, it has given almost $500,000 since 2006 to HomeAid, a national nonprofit group that tries to help the homeless find housing.

Nice try American Girl, but no. There is no reason to be making a homeless doll. Not only is it offensive, it’s weird.


3 Responses

  1. I just wanted to say I really like the “really?” tag.
    Also, Gwen don’t look too homelss to me:

    • She probably doesn’t have as many accessories as the other American Girl Dolls, that’s how you can tell she’s homeless. If one can even “tell” if someone is homeless or not…

  2. Well… maybe they’re trying to prove the point that you can’t tell someone is homeless just by looking at them, which is valid, because lots of homeless people go out of their way to appear as put together as possible…

    Yeah no. American Girl needs a good whack upside the head. This is ridiculous.

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