Stupak amendment’s Senate equivalent fails

It’s called the Nelson in the Senate, or rather, it was, before getting voted down in committee. However, the amendment’s sponsor, Sen. Ben Nelson(D-NB) will not  be fillibustering. If my reading of TPM is right, and TPM’s information is right, it looks like the Dems have 60 votes on the bill.

I still remain undecided as to whether or not that is a good thing. Harry Reid (D-NV) is doing nothing to endear me to his cause, if only for giving my Republican friends the opportunity to make equally dumb remarks like

I thought it was Republicans who ended slavery!

That might be true. (Also, way to take credit for something other people did 120-plus years before you were born.) But in the interim, the GOP became the party to oppose (with a coalition of mostly Southern Democrats) most important Civil Rights legislation of the 1960’s-70’s. Then, it became the party to make Michael Steel its chair. Which goes to show: The GOP of 1865 is not the GOP of 1963 is not the GOP of 2009. It is no more the Party of Lincoln than the DNC is the Party of Jefferson. Politicians trying to graft themselves to a historic legacy would be good to remember the 91st fragment of Heraclitus, which tells us it is impossible for a man (and, presumably, for a woman) to step in the same river twice.


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