A popular subject in my philosophy classes today has been faith, specifically religious faith in G-d. On the last day of my philosophy seminar, which was held off campus, my class of 10 got to discussing religion. It quickly dissolved into a funny argument between the French deists and agnostics. The French deists argued that the agnostics were too chicken to say G-d doesn’t exist, but they don’t want to be lumped in with the believers either. Agnostics are the “lazy person’s atheist” as Pierce from Community would say. Speaking of Community here’s a clip that pretty much recreates our discussion (in the above link)…

In my Metaphysics class we were discussing the notion of G-d for Schelling and Spinoza and we migrated to the topic of religion in the university. The professor told a story about the very secular university she came from before Marquette and how all the kids in the undergrad courses she taught were hipster atheists, while she fell into the middle, as a “14th century Italian Humanist”. I mentioned how I thought agnostics were lame, via the argument above. But really when you think about it, agnosticism is the philosophical way to believe in G-d.

But really I just wanted to plug Community. Which is a great show and has discussed feminist issues in previous episode, the last being “The Politics of Human Sexuality”.


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