Update: Rick Warren FINALLY denounces Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

His information’s a little stale. It’s no longer the “kill-gays” bill, properly. The death-penalty and life-sentencing provisions have been removed, thank goodness. Although, any version of the bill passed will probably end still end up killing Ugandan gays by i.) deterring HIV positive persons from seeking treatment, as Warren notes, ii.) compelling some Ugandan LGBTple commit suicide for fear of prosecution and public shaming, and iii.) promoting an environment of bigotry that will host gay-bashing.

 It’s hard to give Warren credit for this. He’s only acting after the stakes have been lowered, and only after ten days of public criticism.

Also, he misquoted Burke. Another conservative who doesn’t take Burke seriously. That is why the American right is where it is.


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  1. It’s Rick Warren, I trust my dog more than I trust this guy and my dog steals my socks when he gets bored.

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