Two days after Warren

The White House got around to denouncing the Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act. Good, but a week late, and dressed in vaguely unsettling historicist language:

The President strongly opposes efforts, such as the draft law pending in Uganda, that would criminalize homosexuality and move against the tide of history. [Emphasis mine.]

Even when it’s for a good cause–as denunciation of the Act definitely is–talk of destiny disturbs me. I’m a determinist, not a fatalist. Claimants to be on the side of progress have used that faith as justification for…well, everything. When one claims a thing is “inevitable,” they are not always apologizing for it. But often enough they are. And if they are for an inevitibility, there is little they won’t do to bring it about.

Determinists who believe the momentum of creation is behind their political movement are as mistaken as libertarians. Probably more dangerous.


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