Good Luck!

To all you student readers (at MU or otherwise) good luck on finals this week.


2 Responses

  1. I love how you provided an odd number of lucky things. Grim private joke of mine. When I had OCD, whenever I would do a luck-ritual twice, the second one would cancel out the first, obliging me to do a third, or two more for five, five more for seven, etc. Odd numbers were good.

  2. “When I had OCD” that make me chuckle, not that OCD is funny.

    I had a discussion similar to this in my Metaphysics class (we were way off topic in our small group). We were all sharing our weird idiosyncrasies, I hate odd numbers, my left hand (and foot, really weird, I know), and stepping on cracks, another girl said she hated spherical foods like eggs, grapes, oranges, etc… But now that you mention the fact that there is an odd number for lucky symbols it really bothers me…

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