It’s the most wonderful time of the year, not.

It’s that time of year again, Christmas time. Theres’s not a place on campus that you can go to and not see the holiday spirit at work, Christmas trees, carols and other holiday songs playing incessantly, consumerist sentiment hard at work… If you couldn’t tell, I hate, hate this time of year. It’s not because it’s because I’m Jewish. Or because the Chanukkah selection of cards, paper, and gelt are stuck in the same dusty corner, I don’t care. Or because there are Christmas trees everywhere on campus, I like the way they smell. It’s partially because everyone tries to be politically correct and cutesy at this time of year. Wishing me a “Merry Christmukkah” or “Happy Winter Holiday”. When taking a break from studying with some people from an English class, one of them asked what we were all doing for Christmas. One of my classmates, who knew I was Jewish, looked at the person embarrassedly and said, “[Insert Logical Operator’s real name] is Jewish!” Like it was some hugely offensive thing to ask about a holiday most people, even Jewish people, in America celebrate. I’m not going to get up and leave if I am wished a “Merry Christmas”, I do “celebrate Christmas” (and by “celebrate Christmas” I mean celebrate capitalism with gift giving). I hate when people make a big deal of trying to be inclusive at this time of year. Not that being inclusive is bad, but I feel like this is the only time of year when it happens. I am never wished a “Sweet and happy New Year” on Rosh Hashanah or “An easy fast” on Yom Kippur, the highest holy days in Judaism. Why do people make such an effort to be inclusive only when the fact that this hemisphere is a Christian one is so blatantly obvious to them, like it isn’t obvious to the non-Christians? It’s pretty obvious to me and most other non-Christians that we live in a Christian environment all year-round, why not try to be inclusive all the other times? And give up on the Christmukkah bull. It was invented by Fox for The OC.

The other thing that drives me bat poop crazy is the music. It makes me want to die. The worst thing is, you cannot escape it. From the AMU to Walgreens, from the Rec Center to the dorms, Christmas songs are EVERYWHERE. I do not need to hear freaking Miley Cyrus’ version of Jingle Bells. There are already chipmunks who sing Christmas songs. My ears have been bleeding since Thanksgiving, by the time Christmas actually comes the songs are not special anymore! I don’t even wanna hear the classics sung by Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, or The Beach Boys. And I especially do not want to hear the damn Hanukkah Song EVER AGAIN. There are other songs about Chanukkah, not song by annoying Adam Sandler. Like: Driedel Dreidel Dreidel, or Chanukkah oh Chanukkah.


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