Rowan Williams denounces Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act

The head of the Anglican church, the second largest sect in Uganda, on the proposed bill:

“Overall, the proposed legislation is of shocking severity and I can’t see how it could be supported by any Anglican who is committed to what the Communion has said in recent decades,” says Dr Williams. “Apart from invoking the death penalty, it makes pastoral care impossible – it seeks to turn pastors into informers.” He adds that the Anglican Church in Uganda opposes the death penalty but, tellingly, he notes that its archbishop, Henry Orombi, who boycotted the Lambeth Conference last year, “has not taken a position on this bill”.

Not sure how much difference it will make, though. Williams has the same clout with his international followers to the same extent Ratzinger holds sway over his congregations. Relations between the church’s outlets in the West and Africa have been chilly over questions of women’s ordination and LGBT inclusion. A couple years back, there was not unserious talk of a schism. It’s a mistake to think


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