Updates on anti-homosexuality measures in Uganda and Rwanda

The shadowy cabal of theocratic fanatics Congressional fraternal order The Family, whose international counterparts have been associated with the drafting of the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act, has denounced the bill.

But now Rwanda’s parliament is also considering criminalizing same-sex relationships and LGBT activism. Via Pink News:

Rwanda’s lower house will reportedly vote today on a revision to the penal code which would criminalise homosexuality.

According to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, the proposed Article 217 of the draft Penal Code Act will criminalise “[a]ny person who practices, encourages or sensitises people of the same sex, to sexual relation or any sexual practice.”

It would impose prison sentences of between five and ten years for those convicted of homosexual acts. The “encouraging and sensitising” aspects would mean a ban on counselling and could impact on health services for gays and lesbians. Fines will range from 200,000 to one million Rwandan francs (£216 to £1,090). According to Box Turtle Bulletin, the average yearly Rwandan wage is just over 200,000 Rwandan Francs.

Rick Warren has extensive ministry infrastructure in the country; so much so he described it as “the first Purpose Driven®nation.” Will he condemn this bill, too?


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