What is Feminism, according to men…and women.

What’s is feminism? I have often found myself searching for the answer. Is it just the demand for equality and end of discrimination against women? Is it about over throwing the oppression of the patriarchy in a cultural, political and social sense? Is feminism just about working for the rights of women, or does it call for further activism for the LGBTQ community who may not necessarily fall into the rigid category of being a “woman”? Does feminism transcend racial boundaries, or is there a need for Black Feminism, Chicana Feminism, and other multicultural feminisms? What about Eco-feminism? How does the environment correspond to the oppression of women?

I think the most important question may be, is there a need for all these compartmentalizations of feminism and does it matter?

I think dividing feminism into different ideologies can help and hurt. I think that it is necessary for feminists to recognize the differences in culture, experiences, socio-economic status, etc between individual feminists in order for us to come together as a united front against the oppression of women. This being said, we, as feminists, need to come together under an inclusive definition of feminism. This might be impossible, due in part to the varying opinions of people who identify as feminists. From SCUM manifesto and feminists who believe men should not be a part of the movement due to the fact that they can never experience what it is to suffer as a woman, to old school suffragist feminists who focus on gaining legal equality for women(like my G. ma). How do we consolidate these differing ideas into a cohesive, united front? What are your thoughts?


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