Accountability group claims abusive Irish priests assigned to US churches

Via Pew Forum:

Roman Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse in Ireland have for decades been getting re-assigned to ministry positions in the United States, according to a church reform group with a new database of names., which documents allegations of abuse, last week (Dec. 28) released the names of 70 accused Irish priests who at some point served in the United States. Many on the list…are said to have died or no longer serve in the priesthood. The group acknowledged that its database of accused Irish priests is likely not comprehensive and may not include any priests currently serving in U.S. parishes. Co-director Anne Barrett Doyle called on all U.S. bishops to release names of priests accused in Ireland, where an unfolding clergy sexual abuse crisis has led four bishops to resign in the past month.

“Bishops in Ireland, just like bishops here, have been moving accused priests around even though they know they’re dangerous and putting them in populations where they can continue to offend,” said Terence McKiernan, co-director of, at a Boston news conference.

“Unfortunately, the places where they put them include our own backyard. And so the Irish crisis basically has become our crisis, too.”

Recently, four of the five Irish bishops named in the Murphy Commission as complicit with or involved in the concealment of crimes have resigned, but one, Martin Drennan, is holding out.

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