Paul Krugman, most of NY Times editorial board “Buffy” fans

He’s also apparently a Firefly enthusiast. 

I feel weirdly vindicated.

Gail Collins, however, seems to have missed the point of Dollhouse, or maybe just stopped watching after the first five episodes–something no one can blame her for, but for which one must nonetheless confer pity, as it really did pick up. Like, really.

The Nerd. I cannot turn it off.


2 Responses

  1. So…..Friday’s “Dollhouse” twist? Can they possibly explain it in the next two episodes?

    Oh Bennett……

    • I’m writing a post on the “Dollhouse” twist now. It might never get published. Motherfucker, it’s all so confusing. And I’m pessemistic everything will be explained to satisfaction. After BSG’s finale, every show has a liscense to leave gaping plotholes forever unresolved. (I’m sorry, but “God did it” is not a satisfying answer to the question “How did Starbuck come back from the dead?” That is LITERALLY a deus ex machina.)
      One point: I think Dr. Saunders is innocent in Bennett’s shooting. I base this mostly on the fact that Caroline trusts Saunders in the “Epitaph One” future. If Claire were acting under her own volition in the shooting, she would, in the space of two episodes, have to have betrayed Team Echo, repented, and then made some grand gesture to re-endear herself to Team Echo so thoroughly that she is trusted to administer medication to catatonic-Topher. I mean, Spike went from villain to Buffy’s booty call, but he never killed one of the Scoobies’ girlfriends execution-style. And he had five years to develop. I don’t think Joss & Co. would try to cram that much character arc into two episodes, even if they are crunched for time.
      Also, working off next week’s trailer, it looks like Whiskey will at some point be uploaded with Clyde 2.0, if she hasn’t been already:

      Also, I think her relationship with Boyd was real. I think Clyde’s Partner hijacked Boyd’s body but reinstalled a modified version of his personality, as was done with Perrin. The “real” Boyd was allowed to operate with his sincere but comprimised integrity, but always steered by Clyde’s Partner into letting Echo be all she can be.
      Of course, this begs the question as to how he foresaw Echo’s potential in the first place. And also how Boyd wasn’t taken out by Topher’s disrupter if he has “Active architecture” installed.

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