And in the middle, there are Golden Globes

In honor of James Cameron’s win:

My family is really into explosion-driven popcorn-movies. So we went to a bunch over Christmas. Avatar, even discounting its profound racial cluelessness, was even worse than Sherlock Holmeswhich also won at least one Golden Globe.

Cinema, and politics, are in intellectual atrophy.

But there was one thing I loved about Avatar–how much my family hated it. After walking out of the theater, we were laughing pretty much nonstop for an hour discussing the ham-fistedness of the dialogue, lapses in storytelling logic, and banality of the dialogue. In all seriousness, it was the best bonding moment we had all vacation, more frank and joyful than any present-circle or dinner with my mother’s family. The only way we can really come together is when we have a common target for riddicule; we haven’t had this good a time together since Palin resigned her governorship.


4 Responses

  1. I thought it was a 300 million dollar remake of dances with wolves.

    • Cameron left no White Colonist Messiah film untouched.

    • also who the heck has 300 million efing dollars to spend on ONE MOVIE? Why is this money not being spent on AIDS research or poverty prevention or feeding people or any of the other various issues plaguing our world?

  2. Ahh thank you, I can find warm respite from all the people surrounding me who think Avatar was OMGZAMAZING. Thank you, commenters on the internetz (and in real life, too, once I see you both). The film lacked so much imagination and was generally horrible with race issues. I felt so uncomfortable halfway through when watching it, realizing it wasn’t going to get any better. Just worse. It was beautiful cinematographically, but the horrible story line ruined it.

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