First resignation, firings in ND “Observer” cartoon debacle

The Advocate piece is somewhat misleading in their description of The Observer, though probably only by accidentIt is not Notre Dame’s official student newspaper, as this piece implies. It is an “independent,” student-run paper, like The Warrior at MU, and therefore innoculated oversight from the faculty or administration. However, according to my sister, a 2009 ND alumna and university employee, The Observer is the most widely circulated and most deeply trusted student newspaper on campus. But anyway:

Kara King, the assistant managing editor of the University of Notre Dame’s Observer newspaper, resigned Monday after publishing an antigay cartoon in the newspaper last week, WSBT TV reports. The cartoon strip has been canceled as well.
King resigned in a letter published in the paper Monday. In the letter, she wrote, “A miscommunication between another editor and myself led to the comic running without me first reading and approving the material. Regardless, no excuse can justify the comic even being considered for publication, and the duty to censor it fell to me. I failed to do so, and am solely responsible for providing a forum for this message of hate.”

The offending antigay editorial cartoon called a baseball bat the “quickest way to turn a fruit into a vegetable.”

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