Sex Positive Journalism Awards announced

Apparently, there are such things as The Sexies, awards for sex-positive reporting and opinion writing in mainstream publications. Among the winners:

First Place: “Growing Up Gloucester,” Rachel Baker, Boston Magazine
By unanimous acclaim. Judges said: “This piece looks closely and sympathetically at working/lower-middle-class teen American girls to show their passivity AND their agency in having babies while unmarried. While laying that groundwork, it goes on to show how vulnerable these girls and their desires are to being used as sex-panic grist by the mass media. I loved how the piece described the making of a nationally publicized sex panic, using all show and no tell to do so. Refreshing, creative, poignant, infuriating, educational.” “The story also reveals corporate media’s role in fostering a conversation that exploits teen sexuality for adults’ guilty kicks rather than supports their healthy development and expression.”

Second Place: “Red Sex Blue Sex,” Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker
Judges said: “An intelligent compare and contrast of the sexual cultures in the red vs. blue states that reminds you that ‘family values’ are often more aspirational than actual descriptions of daily life among evangelicals. Professed abstinence often leads to teen pregnancy, STDs, early marriage-and early divorce. And lots of shame. Talbot is too much the mainstream journalist to come out and say it, but her article shows us that religiously motivated sexual repression leads not to happy families but instability and sadness.”

Third Place: “Poly Amor,” Marisa Demarco, Weekly Alibi
Judges said: “A refreshing and rare example of non-sensational sexual news-you-can-use. Demarco’s clear, straightforward explanation makes sexual ideas that can seem radical instead feel relatable and safe for exploration. The article could be improved through more story telling, however.”


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