Zombie Girl

Move over, J.S. Mill. Emily Hagins is my new feminist hero. She’s twelve years old, and she made a feature-length film. (If you’re reading this, you’re probably about twice as old as Hagins. How many have you made?) And she made it in a that has traditionally been dominated by male filmmakers: zombie apocalypse, the queen of genres.

I imagine Hagins’ film, Pathogen, is…well, about as good as you’d expect of the first movie by a 12-year old filmmaker with no budget. But still, one has to appreciate the accomplishment.  I’m not alone in this; her own movie has become the subject of a feature-length documentary itself, Zombie Girl: The Movie. The documentary won a Spirit Award at Slamdance Film Festival and attracted the attention of Variety magazine.

Hagins is a wise girl. She has surrounded herself with sensible, anti-running zombie, pro-slow zombie people (1:23-33).


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