The legacy of Howard Zinn

Whenever I do this, I worry I sound like Christopher Hitchens eulogizing Jerry Falwell. But I can’t help but be surprised when figures with violent or simply crackpot ideas like Mary Daly are given entirely rosy eulogies, even in both mainstream and politicized media.  It’ happening  again with Howard Zinn. And again I feel obliged to provide some balance.

 So, very quickly:

Zinn’s seminal work, A People’s History of the United States was poorly recieved when it was first published, and still draws criticism even from the left for its “myopic” and “Manichean” narrative. He argued that there was no moral difference between arial bombing and suicide bombing. He was contributed laudatory blurbs to two 9/11 conspiracy theory books, The New Pearl Harbor and Debunking 9/11 Debunking.

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