Further Tea Party shenanigans

On the second day of the Tea Party national convention, World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah, of course, spoke at length about the circumstances of Obama’s birth, and contrasted it to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, “the most well documented birth in history.” Never no mind that that the record was written 70-110 years after the fact of the birth*, and contradicts both itself internally and contemporaneous historic accounts externally.

*If it happened at all. Given the unreliability of ancient histories in general and the lack of non-scriptural corroborating documentation, I am agnostic on the question of the historic Jesus.


One Response

  1. It does astound me that people take the birth narratives in the gospels as history. A virginal conception, magi from the east, a magi star, and evil king, angels, shepards, clearly myth. And indeed, Matthew and Luke’s account are incompatible. Luke is mistaken about the date and extant of the census, and there is no record of Herod killing the infants in Bethelehem. Not to mention the fact that in both Matthew and Luke, during the adult ministry of Jesus, his family seems utterly unware of any special birth. So no one can really take these tales as history, which is not their purpose.

    But as for being “agnostic” about the very existence of the historical Jesus. That is a odd position. Historians are in pretty strong agreement that Jesus actually lived, preached, and was crucified. This is attested to in Josephus and Tacitus (yes I know the Josephus citation is problematic, but most experts think that part of it is genuine). Again, it’s not really doubtful that Jesus lived. Though, of course, the gospels are filled with legends, myths, and errors.

    As to why this lunatic thought Obama’s birth was mirkier than Jesus’ … well he’s a tea-bagging nut case, so that explains itself.

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