Five science fiction monsters more appealing than a Palin candidacy

Robot Nixon’s campaign promises might include selling our children’s organs for zoo meat and breaking into people’s houses and wreaking up the place, but one has to appreciate that they’re more specific than Palin’s vague saber-rattling on national security and promises to “restore energy independence.”

Some Cthulhu-Dagon critics will inevitibly claim the Dread Lord of R’lyeh is inelligible for the presidency because He is not a naturally-born US citizen. However, given that The Great Cthulhu was sired of the quantum chaos that was before creation, He was born before “space” existed as a category. He could be said to have been purged from the womb of oblivion in all places and all times. Therefore, the objection is moot. Vote “Ia, ia!” for the Elder Party!


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