I did not watch the Superbowl

…but very passively hoped the Saints would win. So, like, yay.

But anti-yay: Something like four people in my Facebook newsfeed commented on sexist advertising–apparently, it was even more pronounced than usual for a Superbowl commercial lineup.

For those of you who watched: Were they worse than usual this year? Or is the same old misogyny only that much more infuriating in 2010?


2 Responses

  1. Same old Misogny. But I think there was just more of it .. scratch that … it was just more blunt. You can actualy see the adds online, I forget the web address: something like superbowlsads.com or something like that.

    I’m very glad the Saints one. Sports Championships can really inspire a city and New Orleans needed the inspiration.

    Sometimes intellectuals don’t “get” that or don’t like it; but the world is as it is.

  2. ah, I found the link to the ads:


    I also hate the rampant Patriotism in sports, always bothers me.

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