Palin “would be willing” to run for POTUS in 2012

Marc Ambinder claims “Palin gave a campaign speech” :

And that’s pretty much all you really need to know.  So much of a campaign speech was it that I am revising upward my estimate of the chances she runs for president in 2012. So much so that I am evaluating my basic Palin assumption, which is that she has decided not to run for office.

Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan despairs of the possibility of any degree of transparency after her alliance with Fox News:

She now confirms [the possibility of a run] on Fox, the only channel on which she will now appear. Remember the last campaign? The MSM was shut out as far as humanly possible – and they colluded in the McCain strategy. Some, like the Washington Post’s Howie Kurtz, even joined forces with the campaign to intimidate and smear other journalists trying to seek the truth. Now that they have built an entire propaganda media complex that channels directly into the bloodstream of what O’Reilly calls “the folks”, the idea that the last dregs of the independent press can challenge or really expose her is becoming more and more remote. The Washington media had their chance in the last campaign. They didn’t have the nerve. Now they won’t have the chance.


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