Some DSM revisions

Binge-eating disorder and hypersexuality (colloquially, “nymphomania”) will be included, and gender-identity disorder is expected to remain as well; but that’s a whole other topic. And there are wider issues to consider than any individual condition’s inclusion or exclusion. Via the NY Times:

For months they have been the subject of intense speculation and lobbying by advocacy groups, and some proposed changes have already been widely discussed — including folding the diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome into a broader category, autism spectrum disorder.

But others, including a proposed alternative for bipolar disorder in many children, were unveiled on Tuesday. Experts said the recommendations, posted online at for public comment, could bring rapid change in several areas.

“Anything you put in that book, any little change you make, has huge implications not only for psychiatry but for pharmaceutical marketing, research, for the legal system, for who’s considered to be normal or not, for who’s considered disabled,” said Dr. Michael First, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University who edited the fourth edition of the manual but is not involved in the fifth.

“And it has huge implications for stigma,” Dr. First continued, “because the more disorders you put in, the more people get labels, and the higher the risk that some get inappropriate treatment.”


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  1. You tube has video titled “autism spectrum seems out of control” and “autism epidemic out of control” that may be of interest here. Looks like the next DSM has a lot to think about, as in what autism is. And is not. Recall the amanda baggs controversy? Google it. Dsm 5 will be an embarrassment to the American Psychiatric Association if they toss Aspergers into the convenient “autism spectrum disorder” since it will show the APA doesn’t know what autism or aspergers is.

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