British broadcaster admits to euthanizing lover, is arrested

In a follow-up interview, Gosling said the decision was “terrible,” but has no regrets.

Today, Gosling was arrested by Nottinghamshire police on suspicion of murder.

Speaking as a lifelong supporter of legalization of assisted suicide, I hope Gosling cooperates with the justice system. It would be trivializing to call such cooperation or a guilty plea “civil disobedience.” But he is obliged to all other people forced to endure his own situation or that of his lover’s to remain virtuous, deferent, and level-headed in the days to come. The Anglophone world needs to seriously reconsider its legal treatment of such scenarios. In the coming years, I hope the law will be altered—through proper legal channels with no irregularities or grounds for objections on technical or parliamentary procedural grounds. We ought to be able to discuss assisted suicide as we do any other policy; and debaters must conform to civility and currently extant legal standards.  

Coverage on this is easily sensationalized. One almost despairs that the conversation may ever be started and maintained civilly.

However. The confession occurred only a few weeks after the nationally beloved author Terry Pratchett gave a frank, moving talk on “assisted death” at Richard Dimbleby Lecture from the Royal College of Physicians in London. I haven’t seen the entire special in which Gosling’s confession took place. But it appears tasteful, and by all appearances Gosling is a respected journalist and broadcaster. Britain might finally be  entering the conversation on this end-of-life option with honesty and openness.


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